Dr. Mahammad Sharifov

!-- Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Head of Internet Institute & Associate Professor at Khazar University --
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/ Highly experienced Instructor(Tutor), Research Scientist, IT Project Manager, Web Development/Design & UI Design Specialist with 17 years’ working background. Professional, flexible, creative, and service-oriented. Strong public speaking, teaching, and facilitating skills for diverse professional and general audiences /

  Areas of skills and expertise include


2011–2012 | Postdoctoral Fellowship in Informatics and Management, Hradec Kralove University, Czech Republic | certificate

2003–2008 | Ph.D. in Computer Engineering , Institute of Information Technology of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences | diploma

1998–2000 | M.Sc. in Control of Automatic Systems and Program Provision, Azerbaijan Technical University | diploma

1994–1998 | B.Sc. in Computer Mathematics, Azerbaijan Technical University | diploma


  Head of Internet Institute and Associate Professor
February 2015 – Present | Khazar University, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Baku, Azerbaijan
Teaching Subjects: Web Programming | Web Design | Computer Graphics | Computer Applications in Engineering | Software Engineering | Multimedia Systems | Database Systems

  CEO, Project Manager, Creative Director
January 2008 – December 2015 | COLORITM – Web Creative Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Policy, planning, management and administration of Company | Research and analysis of Internet marketing | Management and coordination of all projects | Technical and visual design of projects | Creating strategy, SEO and web analytics of projects
Achievements: Successfully managed and designed up to 50 projects and 5 times had been rewarded with international design awards.

  Web Project Manager
December 2014 – June 2015 | WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Management of development cycles of National Parks web portal in Azerbaijan Republic | Web, UI & UX Design of web portal

  Senior Research Scientist & IT Project Manager
January 2013 – January 2015 | Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Research (e-Gov. standards and requirements for IT and web resources) | Management and coordination of multiple web projects | Technical and visual design of projects | Creating strategy, SEO and web analytics for web projects | Control of projects for quality and standards
Achievements: Published 2 articles | Successfully managed and designed up to 10 projects.

  Research Scientist and Instructor
October 2011 – December 2012 | Hradec Kralove University, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Mission: Research (e-Gov. standards and requirements for IT and web resources) | Assistant teacher (Subject: Web Programming)
Achievements: Successfully completed the research, wrote a review and published 2 articles.

  Creative Design Director & Team Leader
February 2008 – January 2009 | MinA Group of Companies, Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Manage multiple projects form concept through completion | Work with internal team to generate ideas | Create UI and UX design for projects | Quality control over projects
Achievements: Re-branded company from scratch. Successfully managed the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  Freelance Graphic Designer
October 2007 – January 2008 | Boss Computing Limited, Wales, UK
Mission: Developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites.

  Senior Web Developer & Designer
June 2006 – January 2008 | Region Plus Information Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Designing and developing of Company website | Backing up and monitoring of website | Creating monthly reports
Achievements: Successfully designed and developed agency website and supported.

  Lead Instructor
February 2006 – January 2007 | Information Technology Education Centre of Information Technology Institute, Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Teaching and testing of PhD students for Web and General Information Technology subjects

  Network System Administrator & Webmaster
September 2004 – March 2006 | MedLayt Pharmaceutical Company, Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Maintenance and administration of computer networks and related computing environments | Planning, coordination, and implementation of network security measures in order to protect data, software, and hardware | design and coding of company website and medical portal | Backing up and monitoring of websites | Preparation of monthly reports
Achievements: Re-branded company, successfully designed and developed company website and medical portal. Implemented security policy and monitoring system to the local network.

  Research Scientist & Senior IT Specialist
January 2002 – January 2011 | Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Research (Open Information Spaces, Content Delivery Networks, Cash technology) | Development of Intellectual Information Fond (Corporative Information System) | UI and UX design of projects | Quality control of projects | Creating multimedia reports
Achievements: Successfully completed dissertation and rewarded with PhD diploma, published up to 12 articles in international journals. Developed and tested Intellectual Information Fond in the ANAS corporative network and had been rewarded. Successfully designed portal about Virtual School and made a presentation at the World Congress of Azerbaijani Youth in Frankfurt, Germany.

January 2001 – January 2002 | Azerbaijan International University, Baku, Azerbaijan
Teaching Subjects: Programming Languages | Design and Multimedia

  IT Technical Support Officer
January 2000 – January 2002 | Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, Baku, Azerbaijan
Mission: Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks of Academy | Installation and configuration of computer systems | diagnosing hardware, software and solving technical and application problems


  Computational Skills



MS Office

OS Platforms


  Language Skills

English – professional proficiency | Russian - professional proficiency | Turkish – professional proficiency | Azeri - native or bilingual proficiency


  Managerial Skills



  Defended PhD thesis

Topic: "Development of methods and algorithms for optimal allocation of unstructured information spaces in the network"

Summary: In the dissertation work, models and algorithms for optimum structuring of unstructured information spaces were worked out. Information spaces, characters of forming, and requirements of restructuring were investigated and were introduced comparatively analyze of restructuring of information spaces. Principles of forming of web-contents were investigated and architectural model of CDN was worked out. Optimum placement of CDN-servers inside open and corporative environments were worked out, also minimization model of delivery costs in multilevel hierarchical structured CDN-server networks were proposed. Structure and capacity of corporate networks of ANAS was investigated and estimated and on this base program provision of CDN-servers was created. Received scientific results were applied in corporate networks of ANAS.

  Current Research Interests

Requirements (standards, guides) to governmental web resources (websites) | Accessibility, usability, security of governmental web resources


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  I.M.Aliyev, M.H.Sharifov. Organization and management of contents in the Intellectual Information Fund // Information Technologies and Systems, Vladikavkaz, 2003, p.57-60


  English Language Certificate – LCC International University, Klaipeda, Lithuania, July 8-26, 2013  |  certificate

  Online Marketing and SEO Certificate – La Salle Business School, Almere, The Netherlands, August 5-22, 2012  |  certificate

  Open Minded Project Management Certificate – La Salle Business School, Barcelona, Spain, July 6-16, 2012  |  certificate

  IT Scientific Researcher Internship Certificate – Hradec Kralove University, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, October 24, 2011 - December 10, 2012  |  certificate

  Wireless and Mobile Networking Course in the CeeNet 2004 Workshop on Network Technology – Budapesht, Hungary, August 16-26, 2004  |  certificate

  Informatics Certificate – Institute of Information Technologies of The Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences – Baku, Azerbaijan, June 30, 2004  |  certificate

  English Language Certificate – Institute of Foreign Languages of The Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences – Baku, Azerbaijan, May 25, 2004


Rasim Alguliyev – Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Academician-secretary of ANAS and Director of Information Technology Institute  |  director@iit.ab.az, rasim@science.az, (99412) 539 01 67

Hassan Niknafs – Professor, Rector and Acting Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Khazar University  |  Hniknafs@khazar.org, (99412) 421 10 93 (ext 202)

Hana Skalska – Professor, Dean of School of Informatics and Management, Hradec Kralove University, Czech Republic  |  Skalska.Hana@uhk.cz




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