Dr. Mahammad Sharifov

/ Tutor, Manager, Web developer, GUI designer /


Research interests

Requirements (standards, guides) to governmental web resources (websites) / Accessibility, usability, security of governmental web resources

Impact and challenges of E-Learning / Issues and Challenges in Open and Distance e-Learning / Learning Management Systems for high education

Defended thesis

Topic: "Development of methods and algorithms for optimal allocation of unstructured information spaces in the network"

Summary: In the dissertation work, models and algorithms for optimum structuring of unstructured information spaces were worked out. Information spaces, characters of forming, and requirements of restructuring were investigated and were introduced comparatively analyze of restructuring of information spaces. Principles of forming of web-contents were investigated and architectural model of CDN was worked out. Optimum placement of CDN-servers inside open and corporative environments were worked out, also minimization model of delivery costs in multilevel hierarchical structured CDN-server networks were proposed. Structure and capacity of corporate networks of ANAS was investigated and estimated and on this base program provision of CDN-servers was created. Received scientific results were applied in corporate networks of ANAS.

Publications / 15 /

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