Dr. Mahammad Sharifov

!-- Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Head of Computer Science Department & Associate Professor at Khazar University --
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Mahammad is a great tutor and also a great person. His teaching method is super simple, based on learn by practice and this is very useful. He encourage and motivate students during the class and also help them whenever the students are in trouble

Orkhan Ibrahim | Student at Khazar University | orkhankhazar[at]gmail.com

Mahammad Sharifov is a teacher at Khazar University. He has been teaching here for 2 years and showed great performance. He is one of the best instructors that I have ever encountered. He has keen interested in teaching, programming and design. Mr. Mahammad is sharp, quick and productive individual. He is driven to understand how things work, wheather they be programming tasks or surveys related to other subjects. I strongly believe that he will be teaching at top universities like MIT one day.
I am certain that Mr.Mahammad is going to do great things in his future. He has my highest recommendation.

Mahammad Khalilov | Student at Khazar University | magakhalilov05[at]gmail.com

Dr. Mahammad Sharifov is one of the most valuable teacher for me. His teaching method is very qualified. I am pleased that I know this teacher.

Tarlan Mammadli | Student at Khazar University | mammadli.tarlan.r[at]gmail.com

Mahammad Sharifov is a very good instructor and great person. He has been my favorite teacher in Universitety. He always helps me and my friends for solving different tasks and questions which related to IT sector. He taught me different subjects including Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Web. Just a note, he always has creative ideas for solving different tasks in effective and productive way. In other word, teacher Mahammad is best!

Nurlan Ganbarzada | Student at Khazar University | nurlan611[at]gmail.com

Mahammad Sharifov has been a teacher for my first and second years in Khazar University, several times this 2 years. During the times he has substituted for me i have always found him to be a very professional, competent teacher in all aspects, one that is organized and prepared. He always follows the lesson plans prepared for him, so the master students never experienced a break in continuity, and when necessary, he has planned and taught effective lessons of his own. He always maintains it in a consistent, positive manner.
In addition, Teacher Mahammad was my supervisor in my dissertation paper for defensing in Khazar University. I will always thankful to my supervisor for always believing me, for don’t allowing me to underestimate myself, being confidence about me, supporting the ideas, giving right direction and supporting me in every possible way withing preparing to my thesis.
I highly appreciate Mahammad Sharifov and feel that he will make a fine teacher, one that any university district would be fortunate to have.
Thank you teacher Mahammad for everything! I will never forget you and your helps.

Zahra Khudaverdiyeva | Master student at Khazar University | zehra.khudaverdiyeva[at]gmail.com

Actually I can not describe my teacher by words. He is very educated and friendly. He always wants to help to students and sharing own knowledge. I have learned a lot of good things from my teacher. I am so glad that I know this teacher.

Rizvan Saatov | Student at Khazar University | rizvansaatov94[at]gmail.com

Mahammad is a wonderful colleague and instructor. He's a kind and honorable person. We have been working together at the university for a year and I have come to appreciate him for his insight and skills. I thank him and wish him success!

Gunel Rasulova | Staff at Internet Education Center of Khazar University | grasulova[at]khazar.org

You are one of the greatest person and instructor I have ever met. Thank you for everything you do for your students inside and outside of the class dear teacher!

Mehman Baghishzada | Student at Khazar University | bagiszadem[at]gmail.com

Mahammad is very passionate and has great vision for his work. His focus keeps everything moving smoothly, he makes sure all the deadlines are met, and makes sure that whatever project he is working on meets the highest standards

Silvio Cavallo | Marketing & Communication Manager at ParkinGO | cavallo.silvio[at]gmail.com

Mahammad Sharifov is very good instructor. He helped me a lot in my lessons related to Web Programming. He has good explanation of topics and strong experience. It is good that he uses practical things in lessons to teach students. So we understand topics better than usual when we practise it. Also he is very creative in design field. I have witnessed several times how he has created beautiful logos from simple things for example. I would like to take more courses from him.

Binnat Musayev | Student at Khazar University | binnetmusayev[at]gmail.com

Great teacher, great person.

Lamiya Mammadova | Student at Khazar University | lamiya169[at]gmail.com

The best TEACHER I have ever had was Mahammad Sharifov. The teacher who makes you realise that you can achieve whatever you want to, if you're willing to work for it... And also cares that you do!

Mahammad Mammadov | Student at Khazar University | mammadov.mahammad[at]yahoo.com




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